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PCE Installations Ltd Environmental Policy

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The Company recognises the importance of environmental considerations and is committed to a policy of ongoing care for the environment and will take these into account at all stages of business planning, development, production and marketing whilst continuing to produce work to the highest standard.

The following objectives will be pursued as far as is reasonably practicable:

  • To ensure compliance with all current environmental legislation.
  • To minimise consumption of all raw materials used, including water, fuel and energy.
  • To minimise waste in production and ensure that any waste generated is labelled, stored and disposed of correctly and where possible recycled.
  • To reduce the amount of solvents and other hazardous chemicals in the workplace and/or atmosphere.
  • To provide safe, clean and hygienic working conditions
  • To reduce noise levels to the lowest levels practicable for employees and members of the public.
  • To develop systems to prevent/reduce any environmental pollution and alert the company to any accidental emissions or incidents.
  • To co-ordinate deliveries and sales calls to reduce transport costs and energy.
  • To develop systems for the responsible purchase, development, operation and maintenance of plant and associated processes to reflect the principles above.
  • To ensure the management, staff and sub-contractors understand and comply with this policy.
  • To communicate environmental awareness in our staff through regular briefings and training where required.
  • To periodically review and revise this policy.

Phil Johnson

Director May 2008

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